Dear Concerned Citizen:

Like you, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly all come from this small, awesome city. I want nothing but best for this area and the people who live in it.  Every day, we read, see and hear about the struggles the average citizens are having; whether it’s taxes, crime, lack of well paying jobs, the need for education reform, infrastructure development and rebuilding and so on.  Like you, I am feeling the same burdens of society and the negative effects of this economy.  I come from a working class background with no ties to any political figure, local family network or special interest groups.

There are key issues that I would focus on within my term as Alderman.  The main problem with elected officials is the fact that they need to be reelected every two or four years; so they only focus on short-term goals and benefits to prove they did something meaningful with their time.  I am focused on long-term goals, goals that will help this city and area for the long run. This is something that needed to be addressed years ago. As part of the common council I will focus on bringing these key issues to light:

  • Add police officers onto the streets to keep our City safe.
  • Encourage developers to build low-cost housing options for our citizens.
  • Encourage “basic” businesses (as opposed to non-basic) to relocate within our city.
  • Secure government grants for the rebuilding of our infrastructure.
  • The renovation of midtown (attract artists to the area)

Other issues that I want to fix as it has to do with saving tax payers’ money:

  • Cut perks like take-home cars
  • Trim unnecessary positions in our local government
  • Purchase clean-diesel instead of petrol powered vehicles
  • Work with KFD to figure out how to cut costs (No medical calls, close a station, etc)
  • Re-evaluate the tax-exempt properties located within the City.

I understand that I am new to this field, but I believe I am no less qualified as my other respected candidates. I have a strong head on my shoulders, I am able to think for myself, understand what my constituents want and not be influenced by negative outside forces that want me to steal from our community for their own best interests. I own a house so I am not going anywhere.


As an independent candidate, I do not have party ties that will force me to behave in a partisan-type of manner. I do not care about party politics. I care about the common-sense, logical answers and resolutions. I have no problem voting for or against issues that other candidates may have due to their political affiliation.

As for my educational experience, I am a college graduate with a B.A. from SUNY New Paltz, and am currently working on my Masters degree. I also have a Criminal Justice degree which will help me better understand the conditions that our community is in; in regards to crime and how to fix it.

I have worked many different jobs ranging from: sales, office, retail and teaching, so I understand the struggles that are felt by the average citizen. I have also worked for the Kingston Police Department and want to figure out a way to make them a better police force to fix the violent crimes and the gang problem our fair city is facing. Crime is a big issue concerning the city, and we can no longer stand back and watch our city continue to be a cesspool.

For more information about me and the party I am affiliated with please visit following websites:

Please take a stand this November and tell the other parties that you want a person that is looking out for the best interest of the citizen and the city, not the party!

Thank you for your time and I hope you will support me in my run for this office.

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